Present: Mr D Purnell (Chairman)

Mr K Brown

Mrs K Glancy

Mr S Hale

Mr K Larkin

Mr D Palmer

Mr L Smitherman

District Councillors: Mrs J Cordwell & Mr P Smith.

County Councillor: Dr. J Cordwell

Clerk: Mr R Symons

There were 11 parishioners in attendance, including some who were there as representatives of local organisations.

  1. Apologies. Mrs M King, Mrs E Miller & St Martin’s Parochial Church Council.

  1. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in 2011. The Minutes had previously been displayed on the Parish Council notice boards and on the websites. The Chairman asked for the Minutes to be approved and it was agreed that the Minutes should be signed as a correct record. The Minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

The Clerk provided the Meeting with a written Update on matters arising from the Meeting. (See aside).

  1. Mr David Purnell, Chairman of the Parish Council said that on behalf of the Parish Council he wanted to express thanks to all the people who volunteered to do the Village Clean-Up on the previous Saturday. A large quantity of rubbish had been collected throughout the Parish and as a result the area was much tidier.

Mr David Purnell, Chairman of the Parish Council read the Council’s Annual Report. (See aside). He explained that this year for the first time, a copy of the Report would be delivered to all households in the Parish, with the May Edition of On The Edge.

The Chairman invited questions. There were none.

Members of the Parish Council introduced themselves to the audience.

  1. The public were then invited to read the Reports from all Councillors, the Statement of Parish Council Finances and to look at the photographs of Parish Council land and activities, which had been displayed around the Hall.

The Chairman invited Questions and Comments for Councillors.

  1. A member of the public expressed concern that tickets for the 2012 Music Festival had been sold so quickly that there had been insufficient available for parishioners. Mr Bailey (North Nibley Music Festival) said that this level of demand had taken the organisers by surprise. In all previous years tickets had been readily available up until the day of the Festival. He added that in an article in this month’s “On The Edge” he had invited North Nibley residents still seeking tickets should contact him before 20 April. He added that once they have tackled this year’s allocation the Committee will be looking at how they can avoid the same thing happening in future years. Mr Bailey invited parishioners to contact him with any suggestions they have. He added that the Festival Committee are determined that the Festival should continue as part of village life; and that it remained an affordable event. He concluded by thanking the Parish Council for the grants provided during the early years of the Festival.

  2. A member of the public asked about the latest position on Affordable Housing (AH). The Clerk responded that the Council had been working with Gloucestershire Rural Communities Council (GRCC) and a Housing Association (HA). He explained that there are few potential sites available within the village envelope where AH can be built. All of these sites had been identified and information about ownership of the suitable ones had been provided to GRCC and the HA. None of the landowners had been prepared to sell their land for AH purposes under the terms under which it would be possible to obtain the requisite planning permission. The Clerk added that the Parish Council would be looking at recent legislation changes and updating the Parish Plan with a view to seeing how the issue of AH could be resolved. As part of the process he said that it would be necessary to carry out a further Resident Survey, possibly later in 2012.

  3. A member of the public asked about the Council’s plans to extend the fencing and grounds outside the Village Hall. Ms Rathbone (North Nibley Pre-School Group) explained that they had been successful in obtaining District Council permission to erect fencing and gates, to enable pre-school children to safely access the outside play area. This met Ofsted suggestions for creating a safe area outside the Hall. Financing for that part of the project had already been secured. Further finance would be sought to landscape the area at a later date.

  4. A member of the public asked about the District Council’s future plans for recycling cardboard and other materials. District Councillor Mrs Cordwell explained that the new service is expected to start in July. Householders would be supplied with wheelie bins provided by the contractors. This would enable paper to be separated from other materials and for cardboard and additional plastics to be collected and recycled. In response to a further question District Councillor Mr Smith reaffirmed that weekly rubbish collections would continue.

  1. The Chairman explained that annually the Parish Council award part of their Budget to local organisations in the form of Grants. In 2011the Council awarded a total of £1,800 through grants to 9 organisations. This year for the first time representatives had been invited to attend and explain how they had used Parish Council Grants.

The Chairman thanked the representatives for coming to the Meeting to explain how they had used Parish Council Grants.

The Clerk informed the Meeting that a further round of Parish Council Grants would be made available in 2012. Invitations to apply would be made through the next Edition of OTE. The deadline for applications will be 31 May 2012. He went on to explain that future changes to the arrangements for 2013 would bring forward the Award of Grants to be part of the 2013 Parish Meeting.

  1. The Clerk was invited to outline plans to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in June 2012. He explained that there were outline plans for events on Sunday 3 June and Monday 4 June.

  1. The Clerk was invited to provide an overview of how the Parish Council spent its Budget in 2010/11.

A written statement (see aside) was displayed in the Hall. The Clerk explained that the main source of income for the Council comes from the Annual Precept (£12,000). In 2012/13 this would be held at the same level, effectively freezing Council Tax for parishioners in 2012/13. Other income came from the Cemetery and Defra grants for Council land. During 2011/12 total income was £16,410.

During the year expenditure had increased to £14,596. The main reasons for the increase in the Council’s expenditure in 2011/12 were caused by the first full repayment of the Recreation Field Loan; an increase in maintenance costs on the Cemetery and Council land; and the purchase of a laptop, projector and projector screen for use in conjunction with Planning Applications.

Nevertheless in the year the Council’s Income exceeded their Expenditure by over £1800.

  1. The Chairman invited parishioners any other matters. There were no issues raised.

The Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and invited them to attend future Parish Council Meetings and next year’s Parish Meeting.

The Meeting closed at 8. 20 p.m.