Present: Mr D Purnell (Chairman)

Parish Councillors: Mr K Brown

Mrs J Burton

Mr S Hale

Mr K Larkin

Mr D Palmer

Mr L Smitherman

District Councillors: Mrs J Cordwell & Mr P Smith.

County Councillor: Dr. J Cordwell

Clerk: Mr R Symons

There were 13 parishioners in attendance, including some of whom were there as representatives of local organisations.

The Chairman opened the Meeting and welcomed the parishioners. Parishioners were first invited to read the Reports from all Councillors (Parish, District & County). There followed an opportunity to ask questions of their Councillors.

  1. Apologies. One apology was received from Mrs. Jean Dove, Cotswold Talking Newspaper. She had arranged for someone to represent Cotswold Talking Newspaper.

  1. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in 2013. The Clerk reported that the Minutes had previously been displayed on the Parish Council notice boards and on the websites. The Chairman asked for the Minutes to be approved. It was agreed that the Minutes should be signed as a correct record. The Minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

The Clerk provided the Meeting with a verbal update on matters arising from the Meeting. The Clerk advised the Meeting that:

There were no further matters arising from the 2013 Meeting.

  1. Mr David Purnell, Chairman of the Parish Council read the Council’s Annual Report. (See aside). He explained that once again this year a copy of the Report would be delivered to all households in the Parish, with the May Edition of “On The Edge”.

The Chairman invited questions on his report. There were none.

  1. The Clerk provided an overview of how North Nibley Parish Council had spent its Budget in 2013/14. This had been made available to parishioners at the start of the Meeting.

In response to a question the Clerk explained that the figure (£5,565.48) of Expenditure on Council property, was the cost of the new path in the Cemetery.

  1. The Open Session. The Chairman invited Members of the Public to raise any matters with their elected Parish representatives.

The Council had the following matters brought to their attention:

The Clerk agreed to progress these matters.

  1. Members of the public were invited to address matters to their District Councillors.

In response to the matter about the Playground, District Councillors advised that Stroud DC “Open Spaces” should be approached. The Clerk agreed to take this forward.

  1. Members of the public were invited to address matters to their County Councillor.

In response to the issues raised about current speed limits in the Parish (see 5 above), Councillor Cordwell suggested that an approach to Mr John Kay from Gloucestershire Highways would be worth pursuing. The Clerk agreed to take the matter forward.

  1. The Clerk, using photographs of the Cemetery, demonstrated the works which had been carried out in the Cemetery during 2013/14. He explained the work still to be undertaken, which forms a part of the Council’s Forward Plan for the Cemetery.


  1. The Clerk explained why the Parish Council had taken on responsibility for maintenance of the Closed Churchyard at St Martin’s Church. He explained that the Parochial Church Council (PCC) had given the Council notice under Local Government Act 1972 (S.215 (2)) which meant that the Council could either accept the responsibility within 3 months or, pass that responsibility to Stroud DC. Either way the Parish Council would take on the financial responsibility for the maintenance. He explained that the Council had decided that it could maintain fuller control over maintenance standards and costs by taking direct responsibility. Responsibility was taken on from 24 February 2014.

The Clerk explained that the PCC volunteers had agreed to continue to do grass cutting for a further year, deferring costs to the Council. The damages to the churchyard wall sustained prior to the handover would be met by the PCC. However the damage after 24 February would be met by the Council, using the same local contractor.

The Council has budgeted to cover any future repairs in their 2014/15 Budget.

  1. The Clerk outlined the Council’s plans for 2014/15; and the Council’s decisions behind keeping the Parish Precept at the same level in 2014/15.

The Council had decided in order not to increase the impact on Parish Council Tax payers in 2014/15 it would accept the reduction in the level of Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) this year. Therefore the Council’s income from Precept & LCTS will be £70 lower in 2014/15.

In 2014/15 the Council has plans which include:

  1. Mr Smitherman was invited to report back on the Parish Information Board which is being built by local tradesmen and will be located in the area adjoining the ‘bus shelter. He described the plans and the content of the Information Board, including reference to areas of local interest. He reported that sponsorship to fully fund the project had been secured. Following questions Mr Smitherman agreed to include reference to Breakheart Community Project. Mr Smitherman expected that the Information Board would soon be completed.

  1. The Chairman provided a brief explanation of the latest the position with Wood Lane. He reported back on a meeting held with County Rights of Way Team and other interested parties. Work is underway to secure a long term solution to the removal of the steps which were a part of the Cotswold Way. It is hoped that progress can be made in the coming months.

  1. The Chairman invited the following local organisations to receive their cheques from the Parish Council; and invited those which had received grants in 2013/14 to say how they have used their 2013/14 Grants:

  1. The Chairman invited comments from members of the audience.

There being no other business the Chairman thanked the audience for their involvement and closed the Meeting at 8.40 pm.