Parish Councillors: Mr D Purnell (Chairman)

Mr K Brown

Mrs J Burton

Mr S Hale

Mr K Larkin

Mr D Palmer

District Councillors: Mrs J Cordwell; Mrs L Reeve; & Mr K Tucker.

County Councillor: Dr. J Cordwell

Clerk: Mr R Symons

There were 18 parishioners in attendance, including some of whom were there as representatives of local organisations.

  1. The Chairman opened the Meeting and welcomed parishioners and Councillors. He also welcomed Alison Robinson, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire Association of Parish & Town Councils (GAPTC), of which the Parish Council is a member.

Ms Robinson was in attendance to present the Parish Council with the Local Council Award Scheme Foundation Award. Alison explained that the national award was in recognition of North Nibley Parish Council having achieved a quality standard set by national bodies for all local councils. She spoke about the work required to demonstrate the standards to achieve an award and congratulated the Council upon its achievements and progress. North Nibley PC was only the sixth local council out of hundreds in Gloucestershire to receive the award. Alison congratulated the Parish Council on their achievement and presented the Chairman with a certificate.

In response the Chairman thanked Ms Robinson and accepted the award on behalf of the Council. He spoke about the additional work and progress which the Council had made over recent years to ensure that the representatives of this Parish were meeting the standards parishioners should expect of their local council.

  1. The Chairman invited apologies. An apology had been received, from Parish Councillor Mr L Smitherman.

The Chairman invited Parish Councillors present to introduce themselves and briefly explain their responsibilities.

  1. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held in 2015. The Clerk reported that the Minutes had previously been displayed on the Parish Council notice boards and on the Council’s website. The Chairman asked for the Minutes to be approved. It was agreed that the Minutes should be signed as a correct record. The Minutes were duly signed by the Chairman.

The Clerk provided the Meeting with a verbal update on matters arising from the Meeting. The Clerk advised the Meeting that:

The Chairman invited the public to ask questions. There were none.

  1. The Council’s Annual Report for 2015/16 was displayed on screen whilst the Chairman of the Parish Council read a synopsis of the Report and invited questions. He also explained that once again thanks to the support of the “On The Edge” Editorial Board, a copy of the Annual Report would be delivered to all households in the Parish along with the May Edition of “On The Edge”. (See Annual Report filed aside). There were no questions.

  1. The Clerk provided an overview of how North Nibley Parish Council had spent its Budget in 2015/16. (See aside). The Clerk explained that the figures for last year were still subject to audit. There were no questions.

  1. The Open Session. The Chairman announced a short break to enable those in attendance to read the Councillors’ written reports, previously displayed around the room. Following a short break the Chairman invited parishioners to raise questions of their elected representatives.

One parishioner praised the speed and effectiveness of the County Highways online pothole website. Others present reported less satisfaction.

The Chairman introduced PCSO Ben Rollins and invited those present to ask any questions. PCSO Rollins provided details of the recent Community Meeting held in the village and mentioned that North Nibley issues addressed had been the traffic speeding issues, (already discussed) and some anti- social activity in the Barrs Lane area. Ben advised the meeting the police were addressing both of these matters. There were no questions.

The Chairman invited District Councillor June Cordwell to speak. District Councillor June Cordwell wished to thank the community of North Nibley for the support she had received during the 12 years which she had served as their District Councillor. She explained that due to ill heath she had been advised not to continue on the Council and, therefore, she would not be standing at the forthcoming District Council Election.

The Chairman on behalf of the Council and North Nibley thanked Councillor Cordwell for all her hard work on behalf of the Parish.

He added that North Nibley was particularly grateful for the regular attendance and support of all its District & County Councillors who supported the parish Council by resolving matters on behalf of parishioners. He thanked them all for their support.

  1. The Clerk provided an outline of the Council’s plans for 2015/16; and explained the Council’s decision to go for an increase to the 2016/17 Parish Precept.

In 2016/17 Council Year the Parish Council will:

  1. take forward the sale of land at Breakheart Hill;

  2. will continue to publicise its work and activities through a monthly article in “On The Edge”;

  3. with others will continue to pursue BT/Openreach to secure promised improvements to the broadband service across the Parish. The Council will report progress through OTE;

  4. also organise and deliver Call Push Rescue (CPR) training for all volunteers;

  5. work with Gloucestershire Rural Communities Council (GRCC) and others will continue to take forward the identified need for Affordable Housing in the Parish;

  6. organise, publicise and seek volunteers to run its 8th Annual Village Clean-Up in March 2017:

  7. will launch its Parish Council Grants for 2017 in January.

  8. work with Knoll Trust to make improvements. As explained in the Council’s Five Year Maintenance Plan the Council will work in conjunction with the Knoll Trust to ensure that the Council’s land on Nibley Knoll is properly maintained for public use.

  9. will continue to maintain the closed churchyard and will seek to keep costs to the Council Tax payer as low as possible. (Also see Council’s 5 year Maintenance Plan).

  10. The Council also has a Five Year Maintenance Plan for all its properties.

  11. The Clerk explained that the increase in the Precept was to enable the Council to fund the necessary repairs to the North wall of St Martin’s Churchyard. It was intended that this work could be completed in one go so that only one road closure of Frog Lane would be required.

  1. The Clerk invited parishioners to take part in the Community Speed Watch Team. He explained that six parishioners had volunteered but to make the Group viable he required a further four volunteers. A sheet inviting parishioners to volunteer was provided.

  1. The Clerk read out an email received from Matt Lloyd of BT/Openreach on broadband plans for the parish.

The email stated “I’ll be back in touch following Easter as we should have news on survey dates for the North Nibley cab out of Openreach and we can look to set up a coordinated approach. Sorry it’s been a while since the meeting but it’s been a hard push to the end of the financial for us and we hope to have things moving in North Nibley shortly”. He added “One recent development that I need to make you aware of is that we are no longer applying VAT to our community fibre schemes.” Matt Lloyd BT/Openreach.

The Clerk promised to follow up the email and to continue to report upon progress to the Council and through OTE.

  1. The Clerk provided details of the defibrillator recently installed at the Village Hall. He also demonstrated how the defibrillator works and explained the Council’s plans for CPR Training for volunteers.

(Subsequent to the Meeting CPR training was organised for Monday 9 May at 7.00 pm.)

  1. The Chairman invited the following local organisations to receive their Grant cheques from the Parish Council, and explain to the Meeting how they intend to use their grant.

  1. The Clerk advised the Meeting that the current Parish Council would complete its year of service in may and that there would be a Parish council Election on 5 May. The closing date for nominations was on April 7th at 4.00 pm. Should anyone wish to be nominated the Clerk had available nominations forms. The Clerk also advised the Meeting that on the same date elections would also be taking place for Stroud District Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire.

  1. There being no further matters for discussion the Meeting closed at 8.25 pm.

The Chairman thanked members of the public for their attendance and contributions and reminded them that parishioners are always welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings.