Mr Ken Brown:

Report to North Nibley Annual Parish Meeting, 2013.

The Knoll.

During the year I have been working to sort out the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) digital maps for the Knoll. Without these we are unable to claim any grant payments for the land. I held a meeting with Nicky Jamieson of Natural England, who was very impressed with the wild flowers growing there and is encouraging us to sign up for the Higher Level Grant scheme, which would enable the Trust to achieve around £200 per hectare per annum. In addition, through the Higher Level scheme there is assistance available for the erection of fencing, gates, stiles, and for carrying out scrub clearance.

I am now pleased to report that I have just heard from the RPA that the digital maps have now been completed and I am awaiting their arrival by post. There should also be a possibility of the 6 acres of Parish Council land on the Knoll being included in this scheme, once the current Environmentally Sensitive Area Scheme has run its course.


Breakheart Hill.

The Parish Council land at Breakheart Hill has, as most of you will be aware, been tidied up significantly and a water supply installed. I have re-seeded it and the Chairman and I have trimmed back the overhanging oak branches. This has enabled the Council to achieve a rental for 2 horses of £80 per month since last Autumn. Soon I will be reseeding the land to tidy it up after last year’s very wet winter. Unfortunately the recently installed fencing has been damaged wilfully, but that will once again be made stock proof when I am there reseeding the land..


Police Key Individuals Network (KIN).

I, along with the Clerk, am a member of the KIN police committee. We meet a few times throughout the year to determine which areas of crime locally we wish the police to prioritise. This Network also runs in conjunction with the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. PC Andy Tring has recently left the team and his replacement (PCSO Benjamin Rawlings) has already been in contact.

Mr Ken Brown.