North Nibley C of E Primary School Governors

I joined North Nibley Parish Council in January 2011 and have been the local authority appointed school governor since July 2011.

The school’s governing body helps promote high standards of educational achievement by overseeing the curriculum, staffing structures, premises and finance. I have actively contributed to the full governing body and leadership and management committee and attend about 12 meetings per year.

This is a time of rapid change in the educational landscape and North Nibley School, like many others, is adjusting to reductions in funding and responding to ever changing demands from OFSTED and elsewhere. School numbers remain at around 100 and as funding cuts kick in, it becomes increasingly important to maintain this. The governors and the wider community have a valuable role here to keep promoting the school both within and outside the village.

Luckily, this continues to be a thriving village school that punches well above its weight. Particular highlights for the school this year include:

The school really values its links with the wider community. If you can help by volunteering in any way, for example, to listen to the children reading, do drop an email to admin@northnibley.

Katie Glancy

5 April 2013