The Council is pleased to present its Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2013. The current Parish Council has just completed its second year. Details of your Councillors and all Parish Council activities can be found on the Parish Council website at:

Parish Council Activities. Your Parish Council has been very active this year:

Parish Council Property.

The Council owns land, throughout the Parish.

  1. Land at Nibley Knoll. The Council’s 6 acres at Nibley Knoll are continuing to be managed with the Nibley Knoll Trust to ensure the long term future of the Hill for the Community.

  2. Land at Breakheart Hill. Following completion of the improvements to the Parish Council’s 4 acres at Breakheart Hill, it has, since October 2012, been leased for use by horses;

  3. The Cemetery. Further work has been carried out to maintain the Cemetery in accordance with the long term Maintenance Plan. With effect from January 2013 the Council has introduced Cemetery Regulations (which are accessible on the website). Thanks are appropriate to Mrs Palmer, Mrs Baxter and Mrs Bunn who have continued to work voluntarily in the Cemetery.

  4. Jubilee Recreation Field. This year the Council worked with the Recreation Field Trust to extend their lease of the facility; and with the Trust and representatives of North Nibley Music Festival Committee to agree the future of Music Festival on the Field.

Parish Council Finances.

The Council was able to hold the Precept at £12,000 in 2012/13, ensuring Council tax levels were held at the previous year’s level. However, in 2013/14 the Council will need to carry out some essential works in the Cemetery. The Council plan to fund most of this from Council Reserves (£4,000) but have had to increase the Precept by £1,500 in order that this work can be carried out. This will mean that Band D Council Tax payers in this parish will face an increase of £4.20 on their annual Council Tax.

During 2012/13 the Council qualified for and adopted “The General Power of Competence”. This will extends the powers of the Council beyond its present capacity to do anything an individual generally may do, as long as it doesn’t break other laws.

All Parishioners are welcome to attend the monthly Council meetings held in the Village Hall.

Mr David Purnell.

Chairman of North Nibley Parish Council.