The Council is pleased to present its Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2015. The current Parish Council has just completed its final year and will stand down in May. The new Parish Council is due to be elected on 7 May. Details of all Parish Council activities can be found on the Parish Council website at:

Parish Council Activities. Your Parish Council has once again been active working on behalf of the Community this year:

The Council:

Parish Council Property. The Council owns land, throughout the Parish.

  1. Land at Nibley Knoll. The Council’s 6 acres at Nibley Knoll are continuing to be managed with the Nibley Knoll Trust to ensure the long term future of the Hill for the Community.

  2. Land at Breakheart Hill. Following completion of the improvements to the Parish Council’s 4 acres at Breakheart Hill, the land was leased for part of the year for use by horses, but is currently unoccupied. The Council has suggested that the new Council might want to explore the potential for selling this land.

  3. The Cemetery. Further work has been carried out to maintain the Cemetery in accordance with the long term Maintenance Plan. Essential maintenance work to a number of the trees was carried out in May 2014. Thanks are appropriate to Mrs Palmer, Mrs Baxter and Mrs Bunn who have continued to work voluntarily in the Cemetery.

  1. Jubilee Recreation Field. The Council, through their representative on the Trust (Mr Keith Larkin), has continued to work with the Recreation Field Trust.

  2. The Closed Churchyard at St Martin’s Church. The Council, having taken over responsibility from St Martin’s PCC for the Closed Churchyard at St. Martin’s Church (Local Government Act 1972 S 215 (2)), was faced with carrying out repairs to the south facing wall of the churchyard. Later in the year, following the removal of ivy growing on the north facing wall, further urgent repairs were identified. The Council arranged for the work to be carried out and instructed a local contractor. From April the Council will also be taking on some grass cutting responsibilities in the Churchyard.

Parish Council Finances.

In 2014/15 the Council maintained the Precept at £13,430.

Looking ahead to 2015/16

Parishioners are welcome to attend the monthly Council meetings held in the Village Hall.

Mr David Purnell.

Chairman of North Nibley Parish Council.