Report to Annual Parish Meeting

I am David Palmer, a retired IT consultant and have been a Parish Councillor since 2005.

I am the representative for footpaths on the Parish Council. I investigate any problems that are reported to me by parishioners. When necessary I report any that I cannot deal with to Gloucestershire County Council Rights of Way team. Each year I check every footpath and I produced a comprehensive report in 2016.

I am on the Tyndale Monument Trust and together with a group of other volunteers have been clearing scrub from the hill around the monument for three years.

I monitor planning applications and try to ensure that neighbours have been consulted.

I am an active supporter of the Knoll Trust and participate in the clearing of ragwort each year.

I take an active interest in local projects such as the Chapel and Music Festival and help out whenever I am able.

I built and and maintain the North Nibley website for the benefit of the community and welcome any further community content. I am grateful to the Parish Council for their financial help towards it's running costs.

David Palmer

29th March 2017