William Purnell Education Charity

The trustees of this trust are Mrs Liz Bunn (Chairman), Mrs Anita Fletcher, Mr David Purnell.  Mrs Fletcher acts as secretary. 

There was meeting in late November when just one request was considered and the trustees were pleased to award a sum of £100 to a Miss Beales towards her university course work books.

David Purnell

Stinchcombe Hill Trustees

I  have attended two meetings held last year, both held at the Golf  club house on Stinchcombe hill, one in March and one in October.

Since the restructure of the lease with the club two years ago the trustees have a regular income which has enabled them to begin to plan ahead.

At the March 2017 meeting the clerk was able to report that the trust had funds of around £23000.00. This is a huge improvement on previous years and has enabled them to authorise reasonable expenditures on the conservation work.

The trustees heard from their Conservation group about the ongoing work to deal with the scrub on the slopes of the hill. This is in the form of working parties throughout the winter and the hire of a specialist contractor who uses special equipment to keep the regrowth of scrub down on the steep slopes.

The trustees were pleased to note the improvement of butterfly population on the areas that have been cleared.

We were pleased to hear that the owner of Stinchcombe hill house had asked if he could harvest the grass on the hill (the areas which are the responsibility of the trustees) and it was agreed this would be a good thing.

The trustees have been able to agree a contract for the creation of a new web site as the existing one had been serviced by a trustee who has now retired. It is hoped this will be up and running in the next few months and will include much more detail about the various aspects of the hill.

It was noted that the clerk to the trustees, Mr John Penley, would be retiring shortly and the trust would be exploring the best way to find a replacement.

David Purnell