To: Electors of the Parish of North Nibley. You are all cordially invited to attend your 2015 Parish Meeting.

At North Nibley Village Hall, on Monday 13 April 2015, 7.00PM.

Mr. D Purnell, Chairman of the Parish Council, will be in the Chair.

Your Councillors will provide written Reports on their work during 2014/15.

At the commencement of the Meeting there will be an opportunity to read the Reports, which will be posted around the Hall.


  1. To receive any apologies for absence.

  2. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting 2014 as an accurate record; & to report on and deal with any matters arising from the Minutes.

  3. To receive from the Chairman the Parish Council’s Annual Report for 2014/15 (Mr Dave Purnell).

  4. To receive an overview on how North Nibley Parish Council spent its Budget in 2014/15. (Mr R Symons).

  5. Parish Housing Needs. An opportunity to discuss and find out more about ideas for Affordable Housing in the Parish. (Ms Karen Phimister, GRCC & Mrs Jane Burton).

  6. An opportunity to put to and hear from Inspector Poole (Gloucestershire Constabulary) about any concerns you have on security and traffic matters.

  7. The Open Session. An opportunity for Parishioners to raise and discuss matters with their elected representatives.

  8. Your Councillors will be invited to respond to your questions

  9. To receive an outline of the Council’s plans for 2015/16; and explain decisions for increasing the 2015/16 Parish Precept.

  10. To invite Local Organisations to receive their Grant cheques from the Parish Council, and tell the Meeting how they intend to use their grant.

  11. Information about the Parish Council Elections in May.

  1. Report back on the Parish Information Board (Les Smitherman).

  2. To invite representatives from local organisations to put forward their ideas for the year ahead.

  3. Any Other Business

Rex Symons

Clerk to North Nibley Parish Council.