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Other religions and none

The authors of this website do not promote any religion.


The National Secular Society works in the UK and Europe to challenge the disproportionate influence of religion on governments and in public life.

Scientific Atheism

See the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science here.


Gloucestershire Humanists represent atheist, humanist and secularist people in the region, and provide a balance to religious groups' influence in local affairs.


Wotton-under Edge Quaker Meeting.

We try to live in truth, peace, simplicity, and equality, finding God in ourselves and those around us. Our meetings offer a welcoming opportunity for spiritual exploration.

Roman Catholic Church

Catholic Church of the Holy Cross, Thornbury

Parish Office: 01454 412223

Wind and Solar Power

Even put together, wind and photovoltaic solar are supplying less than 1 per cent of global energy demand. From the International Energy Agency's 2016 Key Renewables Trends, we can see that wind provided 0.46 per cent of global energy consumption in 2014, and solar and tide combined provided 0.35 per cent. Remember this is total energy, not just electricity, which is less than a fifth of all final energy, the rest being the solid, gaseous, and liquid fuels that do the heavy lifting for heat, transport and industry. The Spectator May 2017

Religion in Education

Education is where a lack of secularism impinges most on the lives of British citizens.

Schools with a religious character, or 'faith schools' as they are commonly known, account for around a third of our publicly funded schools. This seriously limits choice for parents who do not want a religious education for their children, or do not share the faith of the local school.

Despite a consistent and dramatic decline in church attendance, and a growing proportion of non-religious citizens, successive governments have paved the way for ever greater religious involvement in education, often to the detriment of community schools.

The National Secular Society opposes publicly funded faith schools and campaign for an end to religious discrimination in school admissions.

They also campaign for an end to compulsory worship in schools and for reform of Religious Education.

A secular approach to education would see 'faith schools' phased out and ensure that publicly funded schools are equally welcoming to all children, regardless of their religious and philosophical backgrounds.

An Introduction to Atheism

An explanation of Atheism can be found here.