Report on County Council Matters to North Nibley Parish Council

6th November 2017

Stroud District Council Local Plan Review

I will be attending the meeting about this in Wotton on Monday (at the same time as your meeting), so my apologies for your meeting. I see you are now invited to attend the one in Cam. If there is anything you wish me to try to raise on Monday, please let me know.

Hedge Cutting at Forthay

I raised this by email with Andrew Middlecote and again when I met him about a number of issues last Tuesday. He said the council’s hedge cutting programme had now commenced. I hope this one will be dealt with soon.

Layby at Bournestream

Just over the parish boundary into Wotton, the Bournestream Trust has raised concerns with me over crashes which have taken place here with drivers using the one-way layby in the wrong direction (towards North Nibley). I had the one way system introduced some years’ ago as there is very limited visibility on to the B4060 from the North Nibley end. I am in discussion with Gloucestershire Highways officers on what it may be possible to do.

Self-closing bridlegates

I have recently become a Gloucestershire County Council representative on the Gloucestershire Local Access Forum. The issue of these gates on bridleways was raised at a recent meeting: see the Natural England report from 2015:

I would like to hear of any within your parish and any concerns they may have caused.

Highways Contract

The Highways Cabinet Panel is continuing to meet during the process of awarding the new contracts. The next meeting is on Tuesday.

John Cordwell