Report on County Council Matters to North Nibley Parish Council

4th November 2019

County Council membership

As I previously reported one the Conservative members, Keith Rippington, left that group. Subsequently he has joined the Liberal Democrats. He represents the Bisley & Painswick Division. The composition of the council is now: Conservative:30; Liberal Democrat: 15; Labour: 5; Green Party: 2; PAB: 1.

Joint meeting of Environment Scrutiny Committee and Gloucestershire Economic Growth Scrutiny Committee, 18th September, 2019

This joint meeting had a single agenda item, the emerging Local Transport Plan (LTP) Review. Comments from this meeting will go forward to a Cabinet meeting on 17th December and, subject to their agreement, it will go out to formal consultation early next year. Reports on the outcome of this consultation will be tabled at the same GCC bodies with an intention that it will be adopted by the County Council in the autumn of next year.

In brief, the emerging draft review sees the following policy updates from the current plan which was adopted in June 2016:

1 Policy documents have been revised in response to the update of the National Planning Policy (NPPF) and local priorities as result of recent studies and reviews.

2 A new Walking Policy Document (PD6) replaces the former ThinkTravel document. This reflects the priorities identified through the emerging LCWIP.

3 The former ThinkTravel policy document informed travel choices. This will now be integrated into ‘all mode’ policy areas and the LTP Overarching Strategy to ensure a delivery mechanism that runs through the whole plan.

I have attached the presentation given to members at the joint meeting. The current full draft LTP review document (392 pages) is said in the report to this meeting to be accessible via a restricted web page but then gives the password for accessing it!

John Cordwell

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