Stroud District Councillors’ Report

November 2019

Stroud District Council.

You will be aware that we have already appointed 3 new Strategic Directors to head up our forward-looking Council, it its aim to become ‘exemplar’. For several reasons, the appointment of the 4th was cancelled and it was advertised. There were 13 candidates and 7 of these attended a preliminary interview session at Ebley Mill on 25th November. Today (2nd December) we read through all the CV’s and background information on the candidates and selected 4 for full interview, which will be held on 16th December. Again, we have some high calibre candidates and we are confident that one of them will fit the new senior management team we are creating to support our new CEO, Kathy O’Leary. (Cllr Tucker)

Community Services and Licencing Committee - Cllr Tucker. 28th November 2019

Investment & Development Panel - Cllr Tucker. 25th November 2019.

SDC’s I&DP met to discuss the progress of the proposed environmental and engineering infrastructure works to support the necessary canal basin project, as well as the proposed housing and community building on the Brimscombe Port site. The final selection criteria for each of the contractor bids were approved and also the weightings given to each of the various sections of potential contracts. Following final cost approval at Full Council, contracts will be invited in the New Year.

SDC Finance Future Investment Advisory Group (Cllr Tucker) – 6 Nov

The final meeting of the Investment Advisory Group was held on 6th November. Members had previously received presentations from a number of investment groups covering two different aspects. One a straightforward investment in Unit Trusts/Share portfolio etc and the other in property investments. A number of ethical restraints were placed on companies and selections were previously presented to us that mainly met these criteria. Following lengthy discussions, the seemingly ‘best’ offering in each of the two groups was agreed. To widen our portfolio, some smaller investments in those companies that came second are also under consideration, all of which will all be ratified at December’s Full Council.

Meetings attended in November – Cllr Tucker.

4 Nov North Nibley Parish Council.

5 Nov Alliance Leader’s meeting.

6 Nov SDC Finance Workshop.

12 Nov Meeting on Rough Sleeping awareness.

12 Nov Housing Review Panel.

13 Nov SDC Group Leader’s meeting.

14 Nov 1-2-1 Feedback session with CEO.

15 Nov Meeting the bin men at Dryleaze at 0630 to check collection quality.

18 Nov Walkabout at Dryleaze with SDC officers and residents.

18 Nov Wotton Town Council meeting.

19 Nov Attended Planning Committee site visit in Wotton.

21 Nov SDC Cultural Awareness Training.

25 Nov Investment & Development Panel meeting.

26 Nov Panel member at Licencing Appeal Hearing.

26 Nov Debrief for forthcoming Strategy & Resources Committee meeting.

27 Nov Political Group Leader’s meeting.

28 Nov Met with SDC officers at Dryleaze to try and resolve refuse problems.

28 Nov Community Services & Licencing Committee.